Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Push my Buttons

Hi everyone,

Recently I returned a device back to the store and I had to call them several times before they took any action. They left it standing for two weeks before they starting testing it. They saw nothing wrong with it, but after more insisting and more waiting, they saw something was wrong with it. They finally contacted the supplier, and they wanted it to be sent to them. The same story all over again, I had to mail serveral times for getting any response. They find nothing wrong, and taking their time with it. It is now two months ago and still nothing. I'm so done with it. So that's why my card has the theme Push my Buttons! They really know which buttons to push! Sorry for the long whining part, but I needed to let it out :).

Luckily Linda at StudioL3 had a great challenge for me to put my frustration to good use. This time we had to open Compendium of Curiosities on page 56 for the Enameled Metals technique. This one I haven't done before and I had lot of fun making this card. It did relieved a bit. But it's still bothering me. I think I'm gonna send this card to them! Mwahahaha!

Thank you for stopping by! Love to see you next time!



  1. great colours and layout, I love this technique, not used it loads but it always looks good. love the buttons too.

    you should name and shame the company and product xx

  2. Well I am sorry that someone just pushed your buttons to the point of busting theads! Customer service can really stink! At least you took your frustration out in a most stunning and creavtive way! Love this and great enameled metal! Hugs!

  3. Wauw deze is echt SUPER GAAF!!!!
    Wat mooi gemaakt weer Sandra, je ben echt een kunstenares hoor!
    Groetjes Patricia

  4. Hi Sandra love this colourful piece and the faux enamel. It's so frustrating when no one listens to what you are saying !! Hope you feel better getting it off your chest x

  5. I hate when companies treat people like that...bad business! Your metal is so striking with this bright pink. Love the theme and all over design!!!

  6. Very clever, love the buttons, metal, color and saying....

  7. Ugh, that stinks you got the run around ... but ... it did result in something very lovely from you!! Fun card and a great take on the challenge!!

  8. Mooi geworden zeg! Prachtige kleur!!! En leuk effect!

  9. Hoi,
    Ik ben een paar daagjes weggeweest maar je hebt weer super mooie dingen gemaakt en gepost!!!! deze kaart is echt Super!!! en de tekst erboven ook ;) Ik hoop dat je snel iets hoort!!

    Groetjes Cis

  10. Neat card Sandra - I think you should name manufacturer names so we won't get caught or it might show them you mean business. I put a package to you in the mail yesterday - no card. Still haven't been able to get down to the craft room. So what, in a good week and a half you should have a little surprise coming to you from me. By the way, I love buttons!