Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Celebrating with cupcakes

Hi everyone,

Yeah!!! Today is my birthday! Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my birthday banner and the birthday wishes! Super sweet!
For a few years now, it's been a tradition to make cupcakes for my birthday. I made these ones for my colleagues. Yesterday, I took the afternoon off to make the cupcakes. It cost me about 8 hours! I was so happy when I saw my bed, I can tell you that!

The photos were taken last night, so the lighting is awful. But you get the idea, I hope :). Every year I try something new. This year I brought my stamping hobby together with making cupcakes. I heard from someone (I can't remember who, so I can't give the credits...Sorry!) that you could use edible airbrush ink for stamping on fondant. Before I started I scrubbed my stamps thoroughly with detergent and warm water. Then inked a piece of Cut 'n Dry Stamp Felt with the edible air brush ink. I started stamping with the 34 (that's my age as of today ;)) from the Numero Stamp set. After that the sentiment of the French Kiss Stamp set. Unfortunately, the ink didn't stick to the stamp as well as I had hoped. Therefor not getting a crisp image. Later I tried the Wallpaper from Tim Holtz and that worked perfectly. The airbrush ink didn't look suitable with clear stamps, but it seems to work well with rubber stamps. I had a clear stamp ready to go, but to test my theory I chose a rubber one instead. The Fleur de Lis from the Paris to London Stamp set. Yes, my theory was confirmed, the rubber stamp worked perfectly with the edible airbrush ink! Lesson learned!

Stencils are also quite useful for decorating cupcakes. Such as icing (the icing with the consistency of sticky modeling paste) and icing sugar.

Thank you for stopping by! Love to see you next time!



Terry said...

Happy Birthday to one of the most sweetest bloggers I know! I hope you are having a wonderful celebration and I need to make note of this special day! Love those cupcakes and wish I was there to celebrate with you! Big Birthday Hugs! XOXO

Patricia said...

Gefeliciteerd enne dat ziet er mooi en lekker uit zeg!!!!!
Gr Patricia

Sandra said...

thank you Terry for your super sweet comment! big hugs to you!!

Sandy said...

Oh Sandra - your cupcakes are wonderful! Absolutely gorgeous all of them. What a smashing idea and all the work involved. Your cupcakes are just as delicious looking as your makes. I am impressed!! Happy Birthday kid!!

Cis-sy said...

Ze zien er echt geweldig uit! Waren ze ook lekker ;) t zijn er ook super veel!

Tijd gaat snel hè...

groetjes xoxo

Mona Pendleton said...

Happy Birthday Sandra! Hope you had the best day ever! ALL those cupcakes look scrumptious!

Gio said...

Happy belated birthday, Sandra!
These cupcakes are just gorgeous, you can see you are an artist, even on cooking!