Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer of Creative Chemistry - CC101 - week 4

Hi everyone,

Am still enjoying the Summer of Creative Chemistry to the fullest. This is the last week of CC101. July will be about CC102. This week, we had to make a project with Alcohol Inks. I love that, because I don't use them as often.

I've made two tags, because at the last step of my first tag, something happened that I didn't expect when I wanted to paint the butterfly with a brush, Blending Solution and yellow Alcohol Ink. Probably didn't pay enough attention during the lesson as I thought :). I didn't expect the Archival Ink which is based oil base to react with the Blending Solution which only should react with Solvent based product. Maybe the ink wasn't dry enough or maybe there is something else in Blending Solution that reactes with Oil based inks. I don't mind, love the effect it gave me. It has so what of a chalky finish. Unfortunately the pictures doesn't do it justice....


So I went for a second tag and had figured that embossing powder would be the solution for coloring in the butterfly with Alcohol Inks. The alcohol inks give it a matt finish on the embossed surfaces, but by melting it again with a heat tool it begins to shine beautifully again.



Thank you for stopping by! Love to see you next time!