Thursday, August 4, 2016

CC103 - day 3

Hi everyone,

It's day three of Creative Chemistry 103 and the same as the previous days we got five new techniques. It's hard work keeping up with Tim! But it's lots of fun!

The first technique: Distress Layered Collage Technique. The collaging we did with the 12 tags, only not with Distress Crayons, but with Distress Markers I believe. Distress Collage Medium Matt is really amazing. If you don't presh as hard down as Tim shows, you still have some time to change and stick something underneath. I only have the bright colors of Distress Crayons and have therefore used Gelatos. Now I see really what the difference is between the two. Gelatos aren't as soft an creamy and don't react with water as Distress Crayons. I get it now, Tim!


The second technique: Texture Paste Coloring Technique. The combo with the ink and paint is really very cool. This one I want to use more often.


The third technique: Texture Paste Embossing Technique. Fun technique we know from the 12 tags. I thought my Texture Paste was dry, but apparently not ...


The fourth technique: Texture Paste Resist Technique. Another one we have done with 12 tags, but it's nice to see it in video with additional information, now it's with Picket Fence. I don't have it yet, so I used my regular white ink pad again. Also works, you just have to wipe the ink off the embossed areas.


The fifth technique: Distress Grit-Paste Grunge Technique. Unfortunately, I don't have the Grit-Paste yet, and had to be a bit creative. I have Texture Sand and have it mixed with Texture Paste, this gives it more the viscosity of the Grit-Paste (I think). Again, I see the difference between Gelatos and Distress Crayons. Gelatos are much harder and you have to put more effort to get into those little areas.


Thank you for stopping by! Love to see you next time!



Petra said...

Mooi geworden! Dat met zilver embossing poeder is ook mooi!

Jenny Marples said...

Gorgeous tags Sandra! xx

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh these are all lovely

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh these are all lovely

Greta said...

I'd say you're getting an A in class! You've used the techniques so beautifully!

A Pink said...

Wonderful tags! Sannie x