Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smashbook day 11: Made by Sannie

Made by Sannie is the name I came up with for my logo. I've now made quite a bit with the logo, namely screen prints, textile labels, jewelry tags, labels and a stamp (got that from a friend for my birthday). I have screen prints used for mybags, applications and other ornaments. I have a little website/webdevelopment company and I've made myself a personal blog for all my creative things. I have also taken options to show what I bought (where and for how much), a wish list, and a few other features. The reason I joined blogspot is that it's better accessable and more known. I'll keep my other blog, that's in Dutch (which is my language) and it has the feature to create a book from al my messages and projects and stuff. I plan to make a book of my blog every year. I love that idea :).

Okay, back to business. On the left of the page, I have disstressed the edges once again. I think it gives such a nice effect that I can't resist not to distress it. Last week I bought those cute pink flowers so I used them immediately. I have an example of my logo screen printed on fabric that I've done the graphics workplace. I put a chain to the binding and  I've attached jewelry labels to it. These labels where engraved in Hong Kong at my request. How cool! Took a while because of the mail, but they're just so cool! Custom made for me! Yippee.

On the right page I have cut out  the shadow layer with the eCraft and distressed it and then printed the letters. I have some screenshots of my homemade blog in the middle. And on the right a textile label underneath a picture with a little bow in the middle!

Tomorrow I have two themes once again!

See you tomorrow!

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