Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smashbook day 8: My Craftroom

Hi bloggies,

Sorry I was a bit too busy yesterday, so that's why skipped a day. But today's theme is my craftroom. At first I had my craftroom / office in what's basically a storage room. My apartment has a "vide" (what literaly means empty space, and don't know the english word for it) and I have built an extra room in it, and now it's less empty space, lol:). The extra room is now my new craftroom. With the renovation I've created a room that's about 13 m2. It's like a paradise for me, and so very happy with it! My craftroom is well equipped, well I think it is :). It has a large desk where I can put lots of stuff on and cut fabrics and stamp and so on, a TV with DVD for when I don't want to miss anything, lots of storage space and a slatwall where I can store more stuff.
The left page I used distress ink for the background and  put a loverly stamp from Tim on it.
Between the left and right page I added a page of a dictionary. Stamped the letters on it and distressed the edges after I torn them. In the bottom corner I stuck to paperflower on top of eacher and in the center I did with stickles.

On the right page, I've used a really nice font "Cheri Liney" that has a shadow of itself. But I decided to break apart and cut it in two seperate colors. In the lower right corner I've made a bow of lace that I had left over from the cover.

Tomorrows I've got two theme's for you!

Till tomorrow,

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