Thursday, September 15, 2011

My first real blog

Hi everybody!

My name is Sandra and this is my first real blog for you all to see:). I had a private blog, more like a digital creative journal. But this one is for you guys. Do you still follow? Never mind haha.
I have many hobbies, but lately I am busy with card making, stamping and other paper projects. I really like the stuff from Tim Holtz’ line and his techniques are amazing. Currently I’m experimenting with his techniques and loving it very much.
My goal is to post a message with what I've discovered or created at least once a week.
And now a first message from the last project I've done.
Have fun reading my blog!



Leintje* said...

I have seen all the projects in real. I've had them in my hands. I love them all. They are amazing and beautifull to see on the blogspot, but they are sooooo much more beautiful in real!!!