Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hi everyone!
Recently I been busy organizing my new purchases and going crazy with my new hobbies. I noticed that my workspace became a mess quickly. I don’t like it when it’s a mess, because I get distracted. But I found a solution for that problem.
I had my stuff in high boxes, but I found out that it is much better and easier if  the box is a lot lower, so I can see better what’s in the box and can take it out easily. The trick is to put it back in it's place when I'm finished... I am completely happy with my idea, the stuff can stay in it’s place and is easily reachable. Nice and organized, great!
This month I also promised myself not to buy new things. I get a bunch of Tim Holtz stamps and distress ink within next week, but that's already been paid:). In October, I'm on budget and in November during the “Kreadoe” convention I can go beyond my self LOL. I’ve got to save up for that... hahaha yeah right!