Friday, September 30, 2011

Smashbook day 9: Cupcakes & Clothing

Hi bloggies (I love to call you that, hihi),

Todays theme is clothing and cupcakes.

I'm not a kitchen pricess, but I love to make cupcakes and especially to decorate them. There are so many supplies to decorate them with and I want to have them all, haha. Everytime I make a batch they look better then the previous ones. It's easy to do and it looks like you're a pro with not much effort at all. The picture is taken from the last time I made cupcakes, and I think they look very cute and delicious :D.

The left page I distressed the background with distress ink (as usual ;)) and stamped with cupcake stamps.
The letters I cut out with my eCraft and on the edges I used distress ink.

I never thought I would make my own clothes. I was afraid it would not be nice and not symmetrical, and look very home made. I started with a Burda pattern of a skirt. A very simple skirt ofcourse. It was quite a challenge. The first time making clothes is not easy and definitely putting a zipper in was a challenge. After a few skirts, I thought I could do a wintercoat with difficulty of 3 dots. The goal I set for myself was a bit too high. I still finished the coat, but I've recently given it away to charity. Hopefully I have made ​​someone happy with that coat. Maybe not such a bad idea to take sewing lessons! hahaha.

The picture  is of the second skirt (without the letters CLOTHS on it) I made. I think it's a beautiful skirt, but unfortunately I chose the wrong fabric for it. The fabric is too thick and too stiff, and is more for drapes or furniture.

Tomorrows theme is screenprinting!

See you tomorrow, right?

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