Friday, September 16, 2011

Slatwall rearranged

Hi everybody!
On “Marktplaats”, a dutch version of ebay, I found  storage boxes for scrapbook paper that is compatible with my slatwall, and they were just 1 euro each! Unfortunately, they are second hand, but that's fine. I've ordered too much, because I was afraid that I could no longer could get them. But they are very unstable and don’t know how long they will last, so they will come in handy as replacements, I'm sure. With the arrival of these containers and the wire basket, I decided to rearrange my slatwall. It's not entirely reorganized, but I made ​​room for new things. Here are some pictures.



zain idrees said...

slatwall hooks
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dimensionalimpact said...

Nice looking pictures.
Products arrangement is really great.
Thanks for sharing.