Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haul from Kreadoe

Hi everyone,

Finally it's time for the Kreadoe fair in Utrecht (Holland)! I've been looking forward to this for months. Today, I did'nt put myself on a budget and I'm going to buy what I want! We had got a bonus at work last month, so I'm spending that today :). I had a wish list ready, but I could not find it this morning! I felt a slight panic rising. Isearched my whole house several times, but it was nowhere in sight. Lein was already waiting for me and I had abandoned hope. I had put the wishlist and the tickets for the Kreadoe together, so I quickly printed new tickets. Lein and I were just on our way when I suddenly remembered where I had left them. So we turned around to pick them up. I felt much better and the Kreadoe day could finally begin.
It was very busy and there weer plenty beautiful things. I decided to start straight away with my shopping spree. At the first stand we saw that they had the new limited edition distress WINTER 2011!! We immediately bought those, of course. We are not crazy to pass up that opportunity!! At this booth Lein and I bought quite a lot. The was only the beginning. We've seen so many things and bought way to much and we really enjoyed ourselves. We stayed until the end and we were broken by that time. I wanted to post this message and share my purchases before I crawl into my bed .

Here is the damage of my shopping spree:
Tim Holtz and Ranger products:

Other products:




  1. Zozo jij hebt lekker geshopt zeg!!!!!
    Ik ben benieuwd wat voor moois je er allemaal mee gaat maken.
    Groetjes Patricia

  2. Hey Sannie,

    Wat was het gezellig he! Mooie dingen hebben we gekocht, dus kunnen we weer druk aan de slag.
    En wat een berg spullen heb jij he! Wow, zoveel mooie en coole producten. Heel gaaf allemaal, lekker van genieten hoor.

    Bedankt voor die mooie tim Holtz stempel. Binnenkort maar weer eens lekker samen knutselen. Tot gauw.