Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holiday Card Boot Camp 2011 day 1

Hi everyone,

This week, I signed up for holiday card bootcamp 2011. This is the first time I follow an online class and I found it very exciting. I hesitated for a few minutes before signing up, because there was an entire supply list that I could not easily get and what was going to cost a lot of money. Luckily I found out that it is not intended to duplicate everything exactly (which may of course) but it's more about the inspiration, and if you want to buy something that was used in class, you can but it's not needed.
I heard about it on day one of the bootcamp, so I could start right away.
I like the classes a lot, but I don't have any inspiration. Despite missing my mojo, I did make a few cards. Through this boot camp I will have all different cards that I can send to my family and friends. Hopefully my inspiration comes back very soon.

Unfortunately I can not show the examples of the classes, where my cards are based on. So you have to do with just my cards.
Day 1:

The materials:
  • Pearl Card
  • Svg file for the Christmas ornament
  • Distress stickels Picket Fence
  • Distress stains Picket Fence
  • Distress ink festive berries
  • White opaque pen
  • Ribbon

More is on the way.
Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Oooo, wat is íe leuk geworden!! Die rode inkt is zoooo mooi he. Heb je de Vagebond al... Veel plezier met de Vagebond (nu of straks).


  2. Love all the detail and care on this one--makes it look so finished. Isn't the class great--I love having the time at home to fuss over my cards.