Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday card for my sister

Hi Bloggies!

Today I made ​​a card for my sister's 38th birthday! My sister's birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to make her a nice cheerful card. The last few days I'd used a lot of dark autumn colors and I wanted to work with fresh colors again. Besides, my sister loves bright colors.

I love the idea of  attaching buttons with paint. This idea comes from This site is a on-line craft TV network, and started broadcoasting just two weeks ago. It's full with great tips and lots of inspiration. Go check it out!
But now back to the card that I made:). I used the same colors from the front for the inside of the card. The stamp is from KaiserCraft, the Bonjour collection. Lately I have a thing for Paris. I've been there a few times and it's a very beautiful city and the atmosphere is so great.
I rambling again ... So it would be better to show you the whole card now;).

Hope you like it, and especially my sister :).