Monday, October 3, 2011

Smashbook day 10: Screen printing

I had found a very nice logo for my creative endeavors and I tried to cut out the logo with the Cricut. But the logo has too many details for that. So I had to figure out a way to get my logo on fabric. I heard about screen printing, but I had no idea what it all implied. So I went on a search to figure it all out. After lots of searching on internet I had gathered much information about it. I went to DEVA (an local art material store) and found out there's a graphic workshop in my town where you can screen print. Great! I immediately made an appointment and after some instructions I was on my way. After a whole day I had a good idea how to go about it the next time. After a lot of preparation I went fully prepared to work. I went like a rocket, haha, and I made about 100 screen prints made from 11 different colors and each color two different types of prints.

On the leftpage I distressed the edges and the edges of the pictures too.

On the rightpage I cut out the frame and distressed it. Same as the letters, but there I also used stickles on them. On the frame I used a paillette, the same one as in the left corner of the left page, as a mask.

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See you tomorrow!