Thursday, March 29, 2012

Creative Chemistry - day 8

Hi everyone,

Can not believe it's day 8 alreayd. I am totally addicted to this course. Every day when I wake up a bit earlier so I can watch the videos of the class of that day. I'm learning so much about new techniques and characteristics of products. Totally awesome.  I did a bit of experimenting and did my own thing with two of the techniques. Today was Crackle Paint and Paint dabbers day. Again we got three techniques.

The first technique was the paint resist. This time on sticky back canvas. I didn't use the paint dabbers, but acrylic paint that I had lying around. I wanted to show the difference between the resist and stamping with paint afterwards. But the surface was still wet, so I didn't get the result I wanted. I think I'll try again later.

Then it was the crackle paint to resist turn. This we have recently done on a Grungy Monday challenge. But that wasn't a big success. But with the extra instructions from Tim, this time it worked out great. And I have made my own color crackle paint! I took some crackle paint picket fence (white) and mixed in a little bit of super bright pink. I'm so happy that it worked! I think that you have to use very little of other paint with it, else I think it don't crackle as well.

Finally a technique with Rock Candy Crackle Paint. This technique I have tried a couple of times, but I never got the desired result. Fortunately, after great explanation of Tim, I now know what to do.

Thank you for stopping by! Love to see you next time!



  1. Wow! Je hebt het echt geweldig gedaan. Het plezier spat er ook af moet ik zeggen. Ik ben onder de indruk.
    Over de eerste ben je niet zo tevreden maar ik vind het effect juist erg mooi grillig.
    De harten vind ik ook gaaf met de crackle paint.
    Groetjes, Jose

  2. Love the rock candy crackle technique!

  3. Prachtig!!! Ze zijn echt heel erg gaaf San!! Vooral die hartjes, zo cool!!!
    Ik heb vandaag iets heel leuks gekocht en dacht laat ik er ook een voor San meenemen, dus hier ligt nog een pakje voor je... Verrassing... (zomaar iets kleins hoor, maar wel leuk om te hebben)


  4. I am glad you are having fun with the class. I love your tags..keep making art wonderful for us.

    susan s.

  5. As I look at your tags I know exactly what you are doing and why. I am finished with #8 and will post it sometime tomorrow or Saturday. I had fun with it but my stains that I bought are darker than I had thought for and I really needed lighter and brighter ones. You did a really good job Sandra! I am a little confused about the crackle paint one - about how much paint to put on. That tag I did is really horrid. Oh well - I enjoyed seeing what you did and what you had to say about it.